Samuel Adams White Ale

Samuel Adams White Ale

91 Blade Chainsaw

Samuel Adams White Ale is a Belgium Wit Bier style brew. This brew is spiced with an incredible blend of ingredients including orange and lemon peel, dried plum, grains of paradise, coriander, anise, hibiscus, rose hips, tamarind and vanilla. Samuel Adams White Ale is an unfiltered wheat ale brewed with two row Pale barley, wheat and Munich Malts and seasoned with Noble Terrnang Tettnanger hops for an alcohol content of 5.4% ABV and an IBU of 16 for a total of 190 calories.

Samuel Adams White Ale

Before I continue, I need to claim that Samuel Adams White Ale is Mutherf*ing good beer!

I had every intention of rating this brew in my usual format, and the Friday night that commenced the rating event was a great time to experiment with this brew.

The evening had an additional purpose in that I was planning my annual Shaman’s visionary retreat and needed to reflect on my present circumstance as well as meditate what I wanted to gain from the journey – more on that after the review.

Not being a big fan of the Boston Lager brand, I tried Samuel Adams White Ale with an open mind and unclaimed expectations.

Onto The Method

9.0/10 – The Classic

2.0 – Appearance – Pours nicely with a dark golden color and an opaque body with great carbonation and head retention. Immediately noticeable was theSamuel Adams White Ale perfect formation of the head; large carbonated bubbles at the base turn into a large white foamy head – Artful / Perfect!

1.5 – Aroma – A grainy scent with a fragrance displaying all the complex spices and ingredients.

2.0 – Taste – Unique, complex, warm and pleasant flavor that is solid from beginning to end.

1.5 – Palate – This is a full body that’s chewable like a piece of flesh, but just a tiny bit on the heavy side.

2.0 – Overall – As I claimed earlier, this is good Mutherf*ing beer!

8.0/10 Blades – The Hammer – the booze – With an alcohol content of 5.4% abv, the hammer is small by name but heavy in experience. It has no problem doing the job and is only a fraction of the consideration when all other aspects of this brew work so perfectly.

8.0/10 Blades – The Knife –digestibility – This sharp knife delivers its promise and cuts straight into my heart. The knife is shiny and bright on its own, but is again just a portion of its more significant whole.

8.0/10 Blades – The Spider – the lift – A nice round rush starts during the first one and a half brews and spiders are clearly evident after the second – they stick around for the remainder of the night.

8.0/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – Easy clean motor that allowed me the ability to meditate on a clear head while enjoying a good buzz.

The Chainsaw

50/50 Blades – The Buzz – This was the perfect buzz. After the second SamuelAdams White Ale and taking my usual notes, I forgot about the rating method and just started enjoying myself. Samuel Adams White Ale was a full, round buzz that achieved the pinnacle of pleasure and enjoyment. Everything about Samuel Adams White Ale was amazing, from its classic to the hammer, knife, spider and motor, but it wins a high place in my heart for being an immensely enjoyable whole. Samuel Adams White Ale is good Mutherf*ing beer! Samuel Adams White Ale delivers a good buzz!

Samuel Adams White Ale

This website got started as an inspiration from my 34th birthday retreat and the pursuit of happiness through personal character maturation as well as the enjoyment of all things pleasurable. Last weekend was time again for my annual visionary retreat and the quest for happiness and maturity.

Part of planning for my retreat is the reflection of the past year and a meditation of what I am to gain from the event and what will become of my future.

After the conclusion of the Samuel Adams White Ale, I ate some pastries that were too strong and filled my head with self doubt, so I retired into the safety of sleep.

In the morning, I had plans to shoot guns at 10:00 a.m. and tour a microbrewery at 12:30. Instead however, I felt a growing fear of the oncoming night as well as a powerful tenderness in my heart for my wife and children.

I spent some time changing and feeding my 22 month old son. Thereafter, I spent several hours playing with him in his room, sometimes just watching him do amazingly cool things for a boy his age. The feelings in my heart were of powerful love and captivating enamoring for the boy.

Organically, my reflection was taking shape during the play, and I was able to continue my thoughts when my 9 year old girl started playing with the boy: Over the past several years, we rescued my then six year old sister from a home with domestic violence and crack addiction. She is now healthy and in a good loving home, and will be 10 this month.

We had an amazing boy that continues to inspire my heart daily.

Since last year, we moved into a great house in Pennsylvania and sold our New Jersey house during this crazy recession, but only after trying to sell it for almost two years and paying for two houses during the first four months.

During the past month,I delivered my own daughter under urgent circumstances in a hotel room – it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and it just happened last month!

In the past couple of weeks, I chopped down a large dead tree that was bothering me all year, changed all the brakes in my car, and had been accepted in the “preferred elite” status of my recently applied for life insurance policy.

Overlooking my notes from the prior evening, I noticed that previous efforts were aimed at being good at living (check), but what now? Details, step by step, and long term solutions were the preliminary directions I sought.

After the boy ate lunch and went onto his nap, I kissed my wife and kids, told them I loved them, and with a combination of fear, lethargy and calm excitement, I was off to seek adventures into the wilderness of the mind.

Having skipped the microbrewery tour, the afternoon got started off at the gun range. It was busy and it took some time to get experimenting with some guns, but I eventually got to shoot an M-16 Machine Gun, my good old .308 Sniper Rifle, a 12 Gage shotgun, a .38 Special and a 9mm Springfield. Still, I wasn’t satisfied: I was just warming up.

I came to the range specifically to shoot clay targets for the first time. As it was busy, I waited for several groups at the trap shooting station and also needed to wait for an instructor training session.

Clay Shooting

One of the instructors noticed my patience and promised to get me to a station shortly. When the opportunity presented itself, we seized the moment.

The instructor was a friendly guy with some good tips and started me off with 5 cartridges in a 20 Gage shotgun with instructions to yell, ”pull!” when ready.

The first, “Pull!” – I aligned the barrel with its objective, fired the shot – and celebrated the perfect explosion of the clay. It was a perfection that would repeat itself the second, third, fourth and fifth shots.

I shot 5 clays with 5 slugs

The instructor claimed me a natural, and I immediately threw down the rifle in intense exhilaration – That’s what I was looking for! 20 Gage ShotgunHe loaded up the gun with 5 more slugs, and the excitement continued with similar but less perfect results. I went on to continue my thrilling excitement with a 12 gage Remington shotgun that again proved to be even more exhilarating – and it appeared the instructor was having a good time as well since he gave me the first 10 shots for free as a warm-up and for my patience.

I gave him a great tip andleft kicking ass and ready to chainsaw the night!!!!!

12 Gage Remington Shotgun

After I got to the hotel, I saved my fresh six pack ofSamuel Adams White Ale, set up my spread, connected my laptop and PS3 to the TV, changed and went to the gym. I exercised on the bike for 1 hour, lifted some weights, did some laps in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub. My mind, body and setting were set.

After midnight and a bottle of Bacardi, the voyage began. Several hours later at 4:00 a.m., I broke into that evening’s Samuel Adams White Ale to celebrate my epiphany:

I am the Eagle Eye of My Tribe

At 35, I’ve gained the wisdom of a shaman apprentice – God has shown me, through the perfection of shooting 5 clays with 5 slugs and personal human history – that I posses genuine and substantial power.

I delivered my own daughter – am significant even in death – can survive a job loss and will always do whatever it takes to protect my family.

I can be proud that I am the Mutherf*ing Man

And I drink Mutherf*ing good beer

Samuel Adams White Ale

After a week of reflection, the future goals are as follows:

I love the way my wife raises our children, therefore I will earn enough income within the next one year to keep her home. [DONE]

I love the way I lead my family and enjoy them personally, therefore I will develop streams of income that I can manage from home and earn enough to leave the work force and become free and independent.

At 35, our foundation is solid, and the next three to five years are ripe in opportunity to gain that freedom and harvest the joy of living through liberation from work and a deeper connection to my family.

– Eagle Eye Consciousness