The Quest for Finding the Best Beers

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The quest for finding the best beers brings you to bestbeerbuzz.com, a website I started a few years ago under my wife’s encouragement in search for the world’s greatest and best beers.

The journey has led me to try hundreds of unique beers, visits to breweries and great beer festivals, and has even guided me to create home brews of my own.

I was recently inspired to relaunch my website and rewrite many of the pages to reflect positive fruition of my path while still holding on to important elements of its original quest.

As I write now, I celebrate with a distinct and powerful homebrew; an original Golden Wheat brewed with organic barley and wheat, Willamette and U.S. Northern Brewer hops, further dry hopped with Cascade hops, accented and primed with Demerara cane sugar, realized with Belgian Saison yeast then double fermented with Champagne yeast for a luminescent, highly carbonated, turbo-hopped beer with 6.27% ABV. I proudly claim it one of my best beers to date and am pleased to share this recipe with you here.

 This weekend caps an active collection of homebrewing events – bottling a Pumpkin Ale for the Autumn season and Halloween celebrations, racking a Black IPA with a blend of Demerara cane and champagne yeast for my signature refermentation, leading to today’s brewing of an Imperial IPA whose recipe will come to an end, but not before going out with a thunderous and exuberant exodus and concluding the experience with the realization and tasting of my Golden Wheat almost eight weeks after its original creation. When brewing a beer, there is no greater sound than the carbon dioxide violently escaping from an opened cap, then, the magical pour as the brew comes closer to the union of its gloriously anticipated and inevitable fate, you.

And now I bring all that I have learned to you. Whether you’re looking for some of the greatest beers to taste, free homebrew recipes to try on your own, exotic concoctions that edge on the risque or the outlaw, breweries to visit and events to patron, the health of beer and general alternate human consciousness, please take all that I inform for your use, your experience and your enjoyment. Your search has led you here. Keep and use this free and valuable resource, because you have found it, and you are worthy of it.

If there are ever any ideas you’d like to share, please use whichever of the many forms found throughout this website that make your experience interactive and focused on your needs. Let us all find the ultimate elixir and collectively and uniformly claim ownership to the best beers in the world.

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Beer ingredients – what’s in my beer?
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Understanding home brewing supplies basics to help navigate your way to a better homebrew experience.
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Bottling Supplies selection basics when you’re ready to put that great beer into a couple of cases of beer bottles!
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