Hoptical Illusion

Hoptical Illusion from Blue Point Brewing Company

79 Blade Chainsaw

Hoptical Illusion is a classic American IPA brewed by the Blue Point Brewery in the town of Patchogue in Long Island, New York. It is made with Two-row Pale, Munich, Carafoam and Carared Barley Malts along with Warrior, Mt. Hood and a secret Hop selection exclusively grown for them on a farm in Oregon for a kickass alcohol content of 6.8% ABV and 60 IBUs.

Blue Point Brewing Company Hoptical Illusion

Blue Point Brewing Company is a microbrewery producing about 10,000 barrels annually. Its owners Mark Burford and Peter Cotter opened doorrs in 1998 and produce a variety of regular and seasonal beers. They hold a public tasting room event on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The logo and illustrations on the bottle and packaging are unique and inviting. The top portion of an Egyptian pyramid floats with an eye at its center over its lower section atop a landscape of hops and glowing illusion. With this kind of imagery, you’d think they added an extra psychoactive ingredient to their beer, which of course I am all for. Hopefully it has something to do with their mystery hop selection.

Onto The Method

7.5/10 – The Classic

1.5 – Appearance – A violent serve produces a rich white head over a crystal clear body showcasing a well behaved carbonated dance – foam leaves some nice lacing.

1.5 – Aroma – Crisp citrus and hop fragrances rise over a blend of roasted or flamed malts.Blue Point Brewing Company Hoptical Illusion

1.5 – Taste –Powerfully bitter with a thick and oily water base that throws off the experience. It manages to finish with a dry and hoppy zing.

1.5 – Palate – The mild and medium body compliment ingredients well, but its water, which appears natural, manages to create a highly greasy disposition that turns heavy and uneasy.

1.5 – Overall – While not the best representation, it is nevertheless a good IPA with an interesting quality that excites the senses with anticipation as the nose picks up the fragrances and the beer connects with the soul.

8.0/10 Blades – The Hammer – the booze –With an alcohol content of 6.8% abv, the hammer is powerful and gets to work right away – it continues to pound its influence throughout the night.

6.5/10 Blades – The Knife –digestibility – The alcohol content provides the sharpadvantage, but multiple layers of ingredients along with a heavy water basedull this knife some, but not enough to become uncomfortably heavy.

7.0/10 Blades – The Spider – the lift – A quick rise commences at the beginning of the first serve, and continues a reliable climb until claiming its final destiny.

10/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – This machine is both energizing, enjoyable and unending. The ride concludes at the end of the six pack, but only because of the physical limitation of the six pack – had it been able to produce a seventh or eighth bottle it would have kept on running.

The Chainsaw

40.0/50 Blades – The Buzz – Hoptical Illusion is an interestingly flavored IPA that comes with some amazing illustrative invitations. The wild images suggest a psychoactive journey that’s reserved for earthly offerings beyond those found in beer. Still, I’ve been looking for a beer with Warrior hops and this one was a good introduction, though I need to taste it individually to understand it better. I’m also not crazy about Hoptical Illusion hiding its mystery selection; besides my curiosity, I feel it sets a bad example in the listing of ingredients in beer. I feel all ingredients should be shown.

The buzz itself comes on as a quick rush and continues to build nicely throughout the session. While IPAs should be flavored with a vicious serve, good ones can often be enjoyed right out of the bottle once those good sensations overtake the soul – which was the case with Hoptical Illusion. A powerful hammer with a sharp knife deliver a good rush that lasts all night.

Blue Point Brewing Company Hoptical Illusion