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Homebrewing Kits for Expanding Your Appreciation for Fine Hand Crafted Beer

Homebrewing Kits were the next logical step in my beer journey, and hand crafting fine beer at home would most certainly expand my appreciation as well as understanding for the craft, the ingredients, the process and the artistry.

Mr. Beer Pale Ale Homebrewing Kit

I wanted to start simple and inexpensive and work my way up to the more advanced home brewing kits and processes – including growing my own ingredients. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s explore the kits available in the home brewing market today.

Ever since I developed a flavor for the more artful and hand crafted micro brews of today’s world, I’ve become increasingly interested in learning how to make beer. The problem has always been that as soon as I started researching the process, I became overwhelmed with its complexity and stalled on my commencement.

But over time I decided to start off with one or two of the more simpler and accessible homebrewing kits and work my way up as my skills advanced and further developed. This would include everything from understanding the equipment involved, to the process down to the quality and selection of ingredients.

I’m currently in the process of re-writing this article as well as rethinking my initial intent. For example, I had thought of doing comparisons on a side by side basis with kits such as Mr. Beer and Coopers, but as I found out from brewing with Mr. Beer, the excitement of brewing with a basic kit lives strongly in the first couple of batches, but then the desire to graduate to more substantial homebrewing platforms grows stronger.

It was a phenomenon that I had not anticipated, but now appreciate. In fact, it was welcoming. And so as I rethink and reprogram my home brewing direction, I forgo the concept of comparison and instead bring you the evolution of my brewing experience accompanied by the detailed guide to each of the homebrewing kits listed below.

And since I will most likely not be doing to many comparisons to similar home brewing kits (this concept, too, may change), I invite you to read further below and share any of your experiences with the home brewing process, home brewing equipment and general hand crafted brewing consciousness you’d like to share.

Superior Home Brew Beer Kit=



Superior Home Brew Beer Kit – The Evolution Unfolds!