Hangover Food

Hangover Food to help cure your late night Sessions

Weekend hangover food breakfasts are one of my favorite things about living life. With or without a hangover I get up before sunrise, breath in the fresh mountain air, overlook the mountainous landscape and my vast land, lick the muscles on my arms, raise my hands to the sky to summon the fury of ten-thousand suns, and get ready for an exciting day full of marauder and lethal intent.

I have several ways of taking care of my nigh-time ravaging, listed on my hangover cures list, but my favorite and most effective by far are my hangover foods. As the sun rises I prepare a large feast for my great family and even pretty the bitch up with flowers on the table or a scenic outdoor spread from Spring through early Fall.

Good wholesome foods hangover foodhighlight the breakfast including eggs with its protein and great source of food based cysteine – necessary as the precursor of glutathione and capable of healing and restoring the liver. Omelets, scrambled, in burritos; whichever combination you can thing of, I make these bad boys with┬áskill and passion, and always (though not the best hangover food) compliment them with various cheeses.

Likewise, I’ll make sides including home potato fries with the skins included for minerals and potassium, serve dark whole wheat toast, and compliment the meal with a great milkshake, coffee and juice.

On a recent morning, I made broccoli & cheese omelets for the gang with a side of toast and home fries with turkey sausage. This simple recipe consisted of shaving off the small buds of the broccoli to create a fine powder of green (saving the stalks for soup or compost) and mixing it into the beaten eggs. Finely cubed garlic sits on the frying pan over extra virgin olive oil on medium-low heat. The eggs are poured into the pan and covered on low heat to let the omelet cook from top to bottom. Once the top is fully cooked, the omelet is turned over and three types of cheese are added; Moneterey Jack with Jalapeno, Sharp White Cheddar and Mild Yellow Cheddar. The pan is covered for the cheese to melt onto the eggs. Meanwhile, finely cubed potatoes are being cooked with extra virgin olive oil over medium heat, waiting for a decent level of readiness before adding the cubed turkey sausage. A banana and strawberry milkshake compliments the breakfast while a small serving of orange juice helps bring down a multivitamin with my daily Omega-3 doses.