Hangover Cures

Best Hangover Cures to treat your worst hangover symptoms

If you found this list of hangover cures then you may be suffering from some serious hangover symptoms. No judgement will be passed here as this is a time when you could use some help and understanding in getting over a significantly painful and uncomfortable experience.

If you’re currently suffering a hangover, then you might have a pounding headache at the temples of your head, your eyes cringe at the sight of light and you can’t take the sound of anything louder than your own breathing. You’re also probably real thirsty and experiencing some powerful halitosis. And even though you’re incredibly nauseous and can’t stand to look at food, you’ve got a powerful hunger howling at the pit of your stomach. You’ve got it really bad if you’re shivering, vomiting or have some serious diarrhea – man you’re in bad shape!

Don’t worry, you found the right place for the best hangover cures that I know of.

A hangover, or veisalgia happens when you’ve drank too much alcohol. The primary cause is that the ethanol increases urine production and eliminates more fluids than you’re consuming, thereby dehydrating your body causing dry mouth, lethargy and serious headaches. Meanwhile, your liver is converting ethanol into acetaldehyde (10-30 times more toxic than ethanol) by the liver enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, whileacetaldehyde dehydrogenase further processes the acetaldehyde to acetic acid. To add further stress to your liver, it is now also re-diverting glucose from other tissues in your body to maintain minimum brain function, leaving you weak and compromising your mood and overall anchor on reality. You really messed yourself up!

But to find the best hangover cures, you have to understand some of the things that have been depleted from your body as a result of your excessive lifestyle. You lost a significant amount of water to dehydration while depleting the liver’s supply of glutathione. Additionally, one molecule of ethanol requires the coenzyme of two vitamin B12 molecules, causing a B12 deficiency.

So what are some of the best hangover cures?

1 – Water & Sleep These two work well together. It’s always best to get a glass or two of water before going to bed, but if you wake up with a vicious headache and hangover, drink a bottle of water and go right back to bed! The water rehydrates your body and helps flush out some of the biproducts of alcohol metabolizing as sleep repairs your cells and helps to fight off symptoms of fatigue and weakness. Sleep until you naturally wake up and you’ll escape the wide awake nightmare of your hangover. If you have to go to work, you can either call out, or suck it up and go to number 6.

2 – Hygiene A super hot shower with some nice aromatic oils and soaps helps more than you think! If you’ve been out partying then chances are that you’ve been near smokers or have been smoking yourself, and your skin has been and is still eliminating ethanol through your pores. So you stink!
That doesn’t help your hangover at all. While you’re in there, floss and brush your teeth then come downstairs for #3.

3 – Hangover food (click here for easy recipes)

hangover food

Once you’ve rested and re-hydrated as much as possible and cleaned up, the next step is to get some food into your system to help recover the physical damages to your body. Eggs in any form are my preferred hangover cures. Scrambled eggs, broccoli and mushroom omelets, sunny side or over easy will do just fine if taking your time to fry it on low-medium heat over some extra virgin olive oil. Compliment the breakfast withwhole wheat toast and a side of home-made potato fries (with the skins) and you’re on your way to help your body recover with the help of some essential omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, protein and the amino-acid Cysteine which is the precursor to the liver deficient glutathione.


4 – Milkshakes & Fruitshakes (click here for easy recipes)


Nothing compliments a great breakfast as well as a delicious and wholesome milkshake. I make these on a regular basis anyway, and they help me feel great even without hangovers. As part of this hangover cures list, it helps to replenish the body with a whole mess of vitamins and minerals while tasting great, uplifting your spirits and helping you smell better. My shakes use no sugar, 2% skim milk and always two bananas as the base. Thereafter, I add in one or two complimentary fruits depending on what I have, but usually include strawberries, blueberries, kiwis or mangoes. For fruit shakes, I start with 50% orange juice and 50% filtered water and vary my selections using two to three fruits at a time – a recent banana-mango combination proved amazing!

5 – Vitamins & supplements All of the food, liquids and fruits are helping your body recover from the selfish torture you put it through. But the food and fluids could use a final kick to help boost recovery and actually make you feel better more quickly, while repairing some organ damage in the long-run. These include:

Vitamin B Complex (click link for more info) As a collection of 8 individual vitamins, the B complex family are water soluble and not stored in the body, thereby needing daily replenishment. Alcohol is a significant stressor to these vitamins and cause a deficiency in this group. This deficiency does a number on your mood and energy levels, and a high quality supplement will help combat depression and help elevate your energy.

N-acetyl-Cysteine (click link for more info) This amino acid is a metabolite of Cysteine and is not found in foods as Cysteine is, but produced within the human body. Cysteine binds with acetaldehyde and prevents it from damaging organs. A supplement of this amino acid is rapidly metabolized into intracellular glutathione, acting as a powerful antioxidant helping to detoxify chemicals into easier to eliminate compounds.

Taurine (click link for more info) Similar but less damaging than a shot of tequila as a hangover cure, Taurine helps elevate mood levels in the brain similar to that shot of booze. It is a mood boosting amino acid that helps combat a hangover by acting as an inhibitory neurotransmitter and neuromodulator, calming the firing of excitatory neurons and helping to minimize the desire for another drink. All this, and it helps prevent the loss of vital minerals during urination AND further helps reverse liver damage by the removal of lipid peroxides.

A good quality multivitamin (click link for more info) Alcohol seems to almost deliverately attck every vitamin in the body. Click here to find out more about the important roles of vitamins A, C, D, E and K.


Berocca Performance (click link for more info) While not marketed in the US, Australians know it for its hangover preventing qualities before some major binge drinking, as well as a solution to hangover cures.


6 – Ibuprofen & Coffee – the last resort Click here for a better understanding on the effects of Ibuprofen This is a bad, mean combo – and pretty bad advice. But if you planned a reckless night out and have to report to work with a hangover, this is the best of the hangover cures for you. Coffee is a vascular constrictor of dilated arteries, and has the potential of making your headache worst. But it gives you the energy to get out of the door and keep that money maker rolling. To counteract the headache, ibuprofen comes in to relieve the pain. Why not aspirin or acetaminophen? Because you’ve already damaged your liver and these drugs do a number on that already hurt organ. Ibuprofen though, while easier on the liver is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug which damages your stomach lining and intestinal tract. This is a last resort and will work if you’re going to get canned for calling out too often. If you care about your health, call in sick and follow number 1.
This list of hangover cures will be evolving as we try new ones out, but this is the basic list that always works for me. As you may have guessed, I’m not a doctor and these claims are interpretations from personal experience, so don’t take it as professional health advice. Still, I use these even when I don’t feel badly after having a few beers, though I do wish I could get more sleep even on days off. Everything else, (except with the bad coffee & ibuprofen combo) is pretty healthy and will naturally boost your mood.