Flying Fish HopFish IPA

Flying Fish HopFish IPA

78 Blade Chainsaw

Flying Fish HopFish IPA is an American India Pale Ale brewed by the Flying Fish Brewing Company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It is brewed with Two-Row Pale, English Medium Crystal and Munich Malts, English Ale Yeast and generously hopped with three varieties including Magnum, Nugget and Ahtahnum Hops while being dry-hopped for two weeks with Nugget Hops for an alcohol content of 6.2% ABV over a 15 degree Plato Original Gravity.

Flying Fish Hopfish IPA

Oddly, this is the first IPA that doesn’t mention or advertise its International Bitterness Units, but just from savoring I’d place it right around sixty. I picked up a six pack of Flying Fish HopFish IPA during a recent tour of the brewery and purchased it directly from the founder and general manager, Gene Muller. I asked him about the International Bitterness Unit measurement for Flying Fish HopFish IPA, and he answered that they don’t measure it because of the unfair comparison to other IPA’s. As he describes it, other IPA creators overvalue the IBU counts on advertisements, but are actually much lower when taken to the lab.

I felt this answer was a little fishy. Why not just display the IBU count and have a small statement that it was originated from a “true laboratory measurement?” This way, even if it measured modestly, the brewery can stand behind its true definition.

Onto The Method

7.0/10 – The Classic

1.0 – Appearance – A vigorous serve pours a red amber ale with lively carbonation into a pint glass forming minimal lacing and modest head retention.Flying Fish Hopfish IPA

1.5 – Aroma – A meaty hop bouquet showcasing both rich bitterness scents in addition to some light citrus characters over a thick earthy malt foundation.

2.0 – Taste – Rich and satisfying hop profile distinctly showcases a bitterness persona along with lightly high pitched fruit notes backed by a sound malt base of earth and wood distinction.

1.0 – Palate – Unusual light for an IPA, its smooth and satisfying body gives way to an acidic film at the back of the throat.

1.5 – Overall – A general India Pale Ale apparently constructed with more obligation than inspiration, HopFish IPA delivers a well constructed but modest hop profile over a quality three malt foundation.

7.0/10 Blades – The Hammer – the booze – A generous 6.2% ABV falls in line with this style of beer and generates a robust and assertive domination.

9.0/10 Blades – The Knife –digestibility – An unusually light and thin body for an IPA delivers a robust alcohol content energized by a well balanced hop construction through the system and into the mind’s eye.

8.0/10 Blades – The Spider – the lift –Strong vibes rise into the consciousness well into the first serve followed by an increasing rush that plateaus and maintains right at the commencement of the fourth.

7.0/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – A conscious effort and concerted mental clarity are necessary to keep this machine running. And while concentration is necessary, it’s not entirely difficult while riding the lighting through the dark of night and the end of the six pack.

The Chainsaw

40/50 Blades – The Buzz – Flyig Fish HopFish IPA seems like an obligated addition to the breweries collection, and almost a burden on the brewery to gain its necessary attention and commitment. One has to get past the brewery’s lack of interest in order to give it the necessary attention it deserves – as in the adoption of a bastard child into a loving and welcoming home.

Once under personal custody, Flying Fish HopFish IPA’s modest hop persona unfolds to illuminate what the brewery did right for it – five stages of hopping with three distinct varieties along with two weeks of dry hopping. Additionally, its malt backbone is quality constructed and balances its hop counterpart. As a whole though, it remains light and modest for this style of beer.

On the other hand, it’s generous alcohol content and unusually light body delivers the fuel into the body with lethal efficiency and responsive authority. Some good efforts and concentrated control are required to keep this motor running, but the work pays off with a smooth and high vibe.

Flying Fish Hopfish IPA