elephant malt / carlsberg

elephant malt / carlsberg

by dennis
(from colo currently in india)

having lived in india and suffering through the asian beers to the point of not drinking beer here at all….. on a recent return to the us i was looking forward to the taste of a well temped, not to cold just very cool, elephant ……to my horror the green/ gold label with elephant malt had been changed to a white labeled version of the same name …. the joy of of a truly full bodied great malt taste with an exhilarating buzz and the wonderful nut finish had been replaced ……tried it and the comparison…..well…. there wasn’t any ……the swill had no body, no flavor to speak of and the finish was like a coors lite………sorry to see a great beer gone …….the closest i could substitute was ipa india pale ale …..nice buzz good taste but not the same ……( sigh)

bestbeerbuzz edit: Hi Dennis, thank you for submitting your experience with Carlsberg Elephant Malt beer. Though I haven’t tasted its earlier recipe, the current version is presently the lowest rated beer on this website! Hopefully you can hang on to the memory of your once full bodied brew.

Depending on how long you’ll be living in India, perhaps it’s time to consider brewing your own!

Thanks again for your contribution and best wishes.