Blue Moon Belgian White

Blue Moon Belgian White

48 Blade Chainsaw

Blue Moon Belgian White is a Belgian Style Wheat Ale, or witbier spiced with Orange Peel, Coriander, typical macrobrewery Hop selections over a White Wheat, Oat and Malted Barley base for an alcohol content of 5.4% ABV and about 15 international bitterness units.

Blue Moon Belgian White

Blue Moon Belgian White is a production of the Molson Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. The association is purposely kept separate to alienate the large brewing corporation in an attempt to attract the cool crowd.

I’ve long held out on trying this beer as many of my friends claim it their favorite. The hype for this beer was too great for a brew made with shady intentions hiding behind a cool facade. But I need to keep an open mind and come into this tasting with objective aim. Their website suggests a naval orange pairing with some serving options, and I opted for their “Sunrise.”

Onto The Method

5.0/10 Blades – The ClassicBlue Moon Belgian White

2.0 – Appearance – Fully opaque and almost solid white with a better than average wheat beer look. The minimal head vanishes quickly but the lacing creates interesting micro-sparkles reflecting streaming rays of colorized light.

1.0 – Aroma – Slight but definite orange and citrus fragrances over a delicate oat malt base.

0.5 – Taste – As feared, the flavor isn’t nearly as good as the hype and marketing suggest. It displays a very generic hop bitterness that seems borrowed from their parent company and spread throughout the Blue Moon family – though I can only claim to have tried this and the Spring Ale, I’m certain the hop selections are identical. The taste loses quickly to its rapidly warming nature.

0.5 – Palate – Thin, fizzy and generic – much more interesting to look at than to feel.

1.0 – Overall – This beer is great looking and moderately aromatic, but that imagery hides the unmistakable truth that marketing and blind following are this beers strongest aspects.

5.0/10 Blades – The Hammer – the booze –A respectable but moderate ABV of 5% that never really gets the job done.

6.0/10 Blades- The Knifedigestibility – While the orange pairing help process this liquid entity, the coriander never potentiates the alcohol’s medicinal quality.

4.0/10 Blades – The Spider – the lift –Spiders just don’t make the trip here. There’s no real lift to speak of and you’re stuck just having an attractive drink.

8.0/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – If the alcohol doesn’t influence the spirit, then you’re sober and in control of your life. That’s great for dropping off the kids or meeting a deadline, but it doesn’t belong in my Friday night!

The Chainsaw

20.0/50 Blades – the buzz – Blue Moon Belgian White is an attractive white ale with an extra visual appeal created by its orange food pairing. Besides that, this brew falls flat in flavor and weak in euphoric potential. There’s barely a rise at all making it a waste of a session. Still, I can’t understand why this beer in particular developed such a strong following; the marketing department at Molson Coors must feel proud of themselves having introduced a pseudo craft brew and successfully selling it to unknowing beer drinkers. So while Blue Moon Belgian White doesn’t chainsaw the night, it pleases middle management.

Blue Moon Belgian White