Uinta brewing PUNK’N harvest pumpkin ale

Uinta brewing PUNK’N harvest pumpkin ale

by Craig Motyka
(levittown pa)

Uinta Brewing PUNK’N Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Tis the season for the pumpkins to arrive. I normally have one favorite in this market, I’ll wait for it to arrive to cover it as for this selection I bought it because the label caught my eye.

Uinta Brewing PUNK'N Harvest Pumpkin Ale

As for the taste pretty good has a heavier cinnamon flavor on the back end and light pumpkin flavor up front. No real heavy after taste I think it would go great as a dessert beer with pumpkin pie.

Bestbeerbuzz edit – Thanks again Craig, I love Autumn beers and Pumpkin AlesĀ are among the most interesting!

PUNK’N Harvest Pumpkin Ale is a seasonal release by Uinta Brewing Company of Salt Lake City, Utah, introduced annually during the months of August, September and October as Summer fades into the cool, crisp Autumn season.

PUNK’N Harvest is brewed with fresh pumpkin and seasonal spices for a sessional alcohol content of 4.0% and a mild hop profile of 10 IBU’s. It is the 2010 Silver Medal winner at the World Beer Championship competition.

Uinta Brewing Company began in 1993 at a rebuilt mechanics garage before moving to a proper 26,000 square foot brewing facility they built in 2001. They are known for naming their various beers after Salt Lake City cultural and natural icons; in this case, the Salt Lake City PUNK!

I look forward to your review of this seasonal favorite, and am likewise getting ready for my first homebrewed pumpkin ale this season with fresh and sometimes exotic pumpkins from our local farmers here in the Poconos.