southern tier phin and matt’s extraordinary ale

southern tier phin and matt’s extraordinary ale

by craig motyka
(levittown pa)

Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale

I found this beer few months back and was blown away by it. It’s sweet and drinkableI like it warm at room temperature but its good chilled also.

Phin & Matt's Extraordinary Ale

It’s not very alcoholic under 6% but a very very good drinking American ale. It’s downfall is it hard to get most craft beer houses don’t carry it unless you order it. It’s personally my favorite American ale on the market

Bestbeerbuzz edit – You’re lucky to have access to this beer!

Southern Tier Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale is an American Pale Ale brewed since 2004 by Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York. It is brewed with three types of high quality malts and three types of whole leaf hops for an alcohol content of 5.7% ABV.

This brew was a result of constant market research by Matt and Phin (meaning, lots of drinking!) after they decided that sprinkling fairy dust into their next creation would not be acceptable. Ultimately, Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale is the final result of their efforts, bringing together floral and grassy flavors and a light refined sweetness.

Their serving temperature suggestion is 40-45 degrees.

I’ve not had the pleasure of trying out this Extraordinary Ale, but I have been enjoying Southern Tier 2XIPA and IPA for the past year, and even have a case of Southern Tier IPA on hand for this weekend! .