Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale

Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale

by craig motyka
(levittown pa)

Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale

 Once a year I dabble in the high alcohol but seasonal tasty winter ales. This year’s selection is from my new favorite brewery Southern Tier.
Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale
Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale is dark and rich not too hoppy on the back end and actually gets sweeter as it warms. At 7% you can enjoy a few and not worry about passing out in the recliner at Christmas eve dinner.BestBeerBuzz edit Thanks again for your review Craig!

Southern Tier Brewing Company has been coming out with some amazing beers over the past several years, and I’m always impressed with what they brew.

I’ve recently been doing a ton of home brewing, but whenever I run out of bottles, I head over to my distributor and pick up a few cases of Southern Tier. They offer some terrific beers at a good value, and their labels come off easy!

I contacted them over the Summer and they mentioned that one of the things they enjoy doing is keeping their hop and malt varieties top secret so that their fans can open and continue unending discussions, postulations and guesses at the ingredients they use. I’ve always been a proponent of listing beer ingredients on bottles, but this is all in good fun.

Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale is Southern Tier’s seasonal Winter offering with dark hues, warmth and a complex thickness. Meant for sipping and enjoying the richness of the year and the season, it comes in at a high 7.7% abv. A seasonal like this can be enjoyed fresh, but can also be aged appropriately as part of a private stock.

Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale is a great choice for a rich Winter ale that celebrates the season. Best enjoyed over an open flame and sipping slowly with great company.