Southern Tier Imperial Pumking

Southern Tier Imperial Pumking

by craig motyka
(levittown pa)

Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumpking Ale

¬†Okay I haven’t submitted much lately to this forum because I can only try so many beers, but the time has come that I wait for all year!
Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumpking Ale
Southern Tier Pumking reared its ugly head this year with a bang. This review is simple take of a piece of your grandma’s best pumpkin pie and dabble in odorless, tasteless alcohol. Chill it and you’ll have what this tastes like. This beer has a taste so good you’ll think you just watched Roy Halladay close out game 7 of the world series with a perfect game. It’s really that good. Right now its only available at Joe canals in Hamilton NJ they have cases of 22oz bottles. At $7.99 a bottled, two is all you need for the night because it comes in at 8.6% 19 Plato best served almost frozen … Mostly as a dessert type beer.

bestbeerbuzz edit: Craig! Your contributions are always appreciated! I’ve been looking forward to your review on this one.

Pumpking is an Imperial Pumpkin Ale brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company since 2007. It is available as a seasonal from August until stock runs out, and only in 22 ounce bottles and 1/6 kegs for those lucky enough to find it on tap.

Pumpking is brewed with two types of malt, two types of hops, pureed pumpkin and ale yeast for an 8.6% ABV and 19 Degrees Plato.

Pairing recommendations for this highly praised masterpiece include a formal Thanksgiving meal and complements a classic homemade pumpkin pie.

Southern Tier makes great beer all around, and I might have to try this one as I wait for my seasonal hombrewed pumpkin ale to mature.