Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan Pale Lager

Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan Pale Lager

by craig motyka
(levittown pa)

Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan Pale Lager

¬†Ok I normally don’t drink heavy alcoholic beers, but come on its Southern Tier. I read the label and pondered about it its a 9% brew that calls itself a lager.
Southern Tier Farmer's Tan Pale Lager
The labelsuggests a drinking temp of 38 which is hard to maintain for 22oz bottle so I tasted …tasted then chuged. The verdict ..upfront has a sweet smell and quick lager taste. Soon as it hit it hits the back of your tongue you quickly forget this is a lager. For those who venture into heavy IPA styles this finishes with a strong flavor of alcohol and should not be left alone to warm unless you like drinking whiskey flavored beer. All in all it was a good beer not my style but a good drinking beer… Slightly retarded from one of these and a Pumking

Bestbeerbuzz edit: Thanks Craig, nothing wrong with a highly alcoholic beer! But Ican see how it could turn on you at warmer temperatures.

Farmer’s Tan Pale Lager is an Imperial Pale Lager from Southern Tier Brewing Company.

It is brewed with Two-Row Pale Malt, European Pilsner Malt and White Wheat. Flavoring hops include Magnum and Mount Hood hops. It is dry hopped with Santiam, Sterling and Mount Hood bringing the brew in at 19 degree Plato and 9% ABV!

Very strong indeed!