SlyFox Oktoberfest lager

SlyFox Oktoberfest lager

by Craig Motyka
(levittown pa)

SlyFox Oktoberfest Lager

 Every year I wait for the seasonal October beers to arrive. Every year there is a new entry I find tasty but none ever compare to this brew, I have my local beer house order several cases so I can enjoy it until the winters comes out.
SlyFox Oktoberfest Lager
Normally I get it in 22 oz bottles by the case but this year it was released in cans at 32 bucks a case. As for the taste, well let’s just say if you like the sams seasonal, you’ll love the slyfox oktoberfest. it has a good lager taste with the hint of the seasonal flavors, it truly in my opinion has no peers, I’m not just not saying that because its a Pennsylvania thing either. You have three types of October/pumpkins marzen German style or the ales like flying fish version and then you have the lagers. The break down 25 ibu 5.8% alc by vol. One should only enjoy a few if not used to drinking the good I have been raving about this brew since I found it 3 years ago.

Bestbeerbuzz edit: You come up with some good choices Craig!

SlyFox Oktoberfest Lager is brewed right here in Pennsylvania at Sly Fox Brewing Company headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania sporting a 50-hectoliter brewery at 331 Circle of Progress.

Sly Fox was an early adopter of the craft-beer-in-a-can movement and its Pikeland Pilsner became the first beer in a can to ever have won a Gold Medal (or any medal) during the Great American Beer Festival in 2007, so you should be seeing more cases of cans from Sly Fox in the future.

SlyFox Oktoberfest is made in the traditional style and celebrates the arrival of Autumn. It is brewed with German Vienna Malts and German Hops to a 13.8 OG, 25 IBUs and 5.8% ABV.