Preventing hangovers

Preventing hangovers before they kick your ass in the morning

If you found this page looking for preventing hangovers, then it’s a safe bet you’re planning on an evening of powerful fury and lethal intent. You’ve got your plans all set, cash in your pocket and looking to kick some ass. The night is yours and destiny awaits.

Since you’re here and reading this because you’re set on tearing things up and burning the night and looking for how to prevent a hangover, I’m not going to give you bogus nonsense like; don’t drink, drink slowly and well paced….. that’s not you nor is it why you’re here – you need a real plan so a hangover doesn’t kick your ass the next morning.

– Don’t drink the prior night

Lack of rest and a sour mood will put you out sooner than you might want, but when it comes to preventing hangovers, you’re body is more concerned with eliminating acetaldehyde from your system. Since your liver is working hard to clear up the prior evening’s damage, it’s going to have a much more difficult time processing all the new booze. You’ll still get ripped though – alcohol’s tolerance buildup is complicated because an impaired liver will have a more difficult time eliminating new booze and might get you even drunker, as well as lay down the foundation for a vicious morning after.

– Take a good quality multivitamin

You may not really feel the benefits of a multivitamin directly in the morning, but your body needs all those nutrients before a twisted session and the morning after. Preventing hangovers is easier when your body has the necessary tools to repair itself.

– Take a Hit of Berocca

Alright, I’m completely sold on this stuff. I tried this out a few months back doing research for my hangover cures section, and it rocks! This is what Australia and the rest of the world is taking before a night out. The trick here is to understand that it gives you a tremendous amount of energy urging you to drink more than usual. So while all those B complex vitamins are working in your favor for preventing hangovers, they’ll inspire you to drink more. So be careful here. And if you do overdo it, take it in the morning and you’ll be repaired in no-time.

– Drink Beer!

Speaking of Vitamin B Complex, beer starts of with a generous amount of thiamine and other b vitamins, and it provides the sweetest buzz of all the boozes (in my humble opinion anyway). You may be tempted to have some shots with your beer – and I know it’s an awesome feeling, but it comes with a price the next day and in some cases even the same night as you act like a fool and loose yourself. For preventing hangovers, stick to one type of drink – stay away from red and white wine, and choose clear liquors over the darker ones with congeners.

– Pair your drinks with food

Delicious quality fatty foods such as black olives, a lean steak cooked in olive oil, sharp cheddar cheeses and generous broiled lobster or shrimp meals will line your stomach with absorbing demands eating up precious real estate from your gastrointestinal tract. This is great either before your session or during an afterhours 5:00 a.m. quest for a diner. During the session, juicy fruits such as mangoes and orange wedges compliment a good beer while hydrating and nourishing you.

– Drink water before passing out

Sorry, I know I promised not to tell you this one, but it works. You’re pissing out more water than you’re taking in, so it makes sense to replenish your fluids throughout the night and especially before going to bed. During the session, at least get yourself a soda. For years I made the mistake of getting diet soda in between, but I recently started drinking regular as the brain’s sugar is used by the liver during elimination – and sugar in the brain keeps you from getting completely blacked out. Always drink water before passing out.

In the coming weeks, I might be trying out some of the advertised hangover prevention cures out there since they seem promising, but pricey and a little misunderstood. Once I do I’ll be sure to post them. But if you have some suggestions on what hangover preventions work for you, share them below.

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