Milkshakes and fruitshakes to help cure a hangover

Milkshakes and sometimes fruitshakes are my weekend morning staples, next to my¬†vitamins and a good breakfast. Besides making me feel better and nourishing my body,this is the time in my personal human experience which I enjoy the most. I wake up before the sun rises and make a large feast for my great family. Depending on the weather, I’ll either set up a table outside under the cover of our gazebo facing the mountains, or enjoy the food by the bay window while gazing at the backyard.

milkshakesI’ll throw in all sorts of fruits like blueberries, kiwis and cherries, but the essentials are bananas, strawberries and skim milk. Bananas have all the essentialvitamins for the body to recover, minus the vitamin D which the milk provides, and the strawberries throw in an unexpected amount of amino acids along with all the great vitaminsand minerals.

Fruitshakes or juices are more rare, but include half orange juice and half chilled filtered water, an orange and combinations of kiwi, mango, cherries and blueberries. This is when I need to be more rehydrated than nourished, but packs in a powerful combination ofvitamins and nutrients as well.

This basic milk shake recipe is simple and takes less than five minutes. I’ve been using two bananas but upped it to three with much better results, added half a cup of strawberries, some crushed ice and filled the remainder of the jar with milk, and there it is, the perfect milk shake!!