Lager Red Stripe Beer

Jamaican Lager Red Stripe Beer

36 Blade Chainsaw

Red Stripe beer is a Jamaican lager that has evolved from its original 1928 darker ale brew. It is brewed in Jamaica and the company claims a world-class quality control process brewed with European Malt, Liguanea Alluvium water and Yakima Vally Hops for an IBU of 17 and an alcohol content of 4.7% ABV.

Red Stripe Lager

Red Stripe beer started as a soft drink in Kingston, Jamaica by Eugene P. Desnoes and Thomas H. Geddes in 1918, and then became an ale style brew during 1928. Over the years it evolved into a lager brew and is currently majority owned by Diaego, the world’s largest multinational beer, spirits and wine company.

I like Red Stripe’s stubby bottle and bold logo, and its advertising campaign is somewhat funny with Dorrel Salmon using the “Hooray, beer” catch phrase.

I had some fun with Red Stripe in my post-college days and have good memories of this brew. The problem was that Red Stripe beer and ingredients did not always appear reliable. At times it would taste crisp and fresh, and at other times the water felt hard and the ingredients a bit heavy on the corn side. But today I’m rating the buzz, fresh water or not!

Onto The Method

4.0/10 – The Classic

1.5 – Appearance – pale gold withnice foamy head and medium carbonation.

0.5 – Aroma – simple to bland with some mild malt fragrances.

0.5 – Taste – relaxed and simple all the way through; the flavor of corn is highly evident.Red Stripe Lager

0.5 – Palate – light and dissolving; delicate but not like a flower but like something being held together by scotch tape.

1.0 – Overall – a bit too relaxed and simple, easy enough to drink the first one, but becomes a commitment to continue with the rest.

5.0/10 Blades – The Hammer –the booze –A low 4.7 abv that eventually gets the job done.

2.0/10 Blades – The Knifedigestibility – A butter blade with grease and impurity, it passes through the system swirling with unforgiving torment.

2.0/10 Blades – The Spiderthe lift – It took three beers for the spider to showup, only to turn around after recognizing it arrived at a bunk party.

3.0/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – I committed to finishing the six-pack – and then found myself drunk-IMing my friend in L.A. at 12:45 a.m.

The Chainsaw

20.0/50 Blades – The Buzz – Well, it gets you buzzed. It even gets you drunk. But mostly, it makes you sick. It’s an overpriced cheap beer made with low gradeingredients that swish around at the top of your stomach like a thin layer of toxic waste over swill. It scores well only because of its intoxicating abilities, but it makes for a lousy buzz that reminds me of the cheap American Malt liquor labels. Ultimately, I had to cut the toxicity with a Pale Ale and a couple of good quality IPAs. If I find this beer at a party or at the beach I certainly wouldn’t avoid one or two, but I wouldn’t try to work up a buzz again on this brew.

Red Stripe Lager