innis&gunn original

innis&gunn original

by craig motyka
(levittown pa)

Innis & Gunn Original

Found this today at a local Uno’s of all places. It’s an amber Scottish ale almost has a malt taste to it but the after taste is amazing with the vanilla and toffee flavors.
Innis & Gunn Original
It finishes smooth and tasty. I’ve had three so far at the bar here not really that carbonated good for bar manners not sure how available it is as I have never seen it untill today. It’s on the more alcoholic side – 6.6% according to the label . I recomend it heavily went great with steak and salmon I had .

Bestbeerbuzz edit – Thanks again Craig, you’re keeping me busy! Great work on the photo!

Innis & Gunn Original is the beer that started it all for Innis & Gunn brewing company in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2003.

The beer was originally created to impart a special ale flavor to Scotch Whiskydistillers. The ale would be aged in oak barrels then thrown away!! Workers at the distillery decided to taste the ale, and Innis & Gunn had their first oak aged recipe.

Today, Innis & Gunn Original is matured for 77 days, aged in American white oak for 30 days then sent off to a marrying tun for an extra 47 days.

As you state, tasting notes of Malt, Toffee, Vanilla and Oak characterize the flavor profile, and the oak aging mellows the high alcohol content of 6.6%.

Excellent pairing choices as Innis & Gunn Original pairs well with grilled seafood and curries.