Exploring Microbreweries, Brewpubs and Breweries

Microbreweries, Brewpubs and breweries have some of the best looking equipment around. When looking at those large fermentation tanks, I sometimes wonder if anyone has ever jumped inside one of those mechanisms and drank all the brew they could, until finally vomiting in relentless despair.

During that QnA, I began daydreaming about jumping into one of those tanks myself, swimming around and feverishly gulping the brew as if I were claiming my place atop the food chain. Was I bathed well enough? Did I wipe well? What would it cost for an experience like that? And what kind of punishment would be warranted if such an activity was unapproved?

The lasBeer Fermenterst time I took a tour of a microbrewery, the guide was knowledgeable and personable, and clearly hung-over. Nevertheless he continued to deliver his words and answer the questions of his guests.

These questions may be answered with time and experience. In the meantime, I’m going to take this portion of the site to explore Microbrews, Brewpubs and Breweries for their craft, ambiance and experience, as well as their fine menus (if applicable).

Likewise, I’m also going to be interested in learning about places you’ve explored. Whether it be a Brewpub serving its own creation at their restaurant, or interesting tours of large Breweries and craft Micro breweries, I want to know about it and publish your knowledge.

And if anyone has photographs or video along with a story of how you jumped into one of those tanks, I’d gladly publish it on the home page, offer you a beer and chainsaw the night!

Barley Creek Brewing CompanyBarley Creek Brewing Company, Tannersville, PA

Brooklyn BreweryBrooklyn Brewery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Flying Fish BreweryFlying Fish Brewery, Cherry Hill, NJ