Home Brewing System

My Basic Home Brewing System Setup with Homemade Cabinet and Supplies

My basic home brewing system setup was built with high anticipation after my long ago experience with Mr. Beer. I loved my first homebrewing experience and wanted to evolve my home brewing process. I waited to set this up because I wanted to purchase the setup all at once, and I wanted to do it with money entirely entirely saved from my online income, that way I could fully enjoy the process and expenditure while maintaining a harmonious and guilt free relationship with my wife.

My basic home brewing system

Unlike my original Mr. Beer kit, this home brewing system setup was a five stepprocess with four separate orders and one home made wooden cabinet to store and use the supplies. The orders included the Superior Home Brew Beer Kit, a 25′ Stainless Steel Wort Chiller, 32 Quart Economy Stainless Kettle with Bazooka Screen and of course a CASCADIAN BLACK INDIA PALE ALE Home Brew Beer Recipe Ingredient Kit for my first batch.

Superior Home Brew Beer Kit
32 quart 8 gallon Economic Stainless Steel Brew Pot with temperature gauge, spigot and bazooka strainer
Cascadian Black IPA Recipe Kit
Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller

I placed the orders on June 3rd to make sure I had everything in for Father’s day, and I spent time in my garage building my home made cabinet in anticipation of my supplies. The cabinet itself was very inexpensive with five 2 x 4 studs from Home Depot and a 4 x 8 particle board also from Home Depot. I needed to seal it withpolyurethane to keep moisture and mold out of the wood, and I had some oldpolyurethane in my shed from moving from our first house, which surprisingly survived four winters. I also had an opportunity to spend time with my kids as they played, lounged and learned. It was a bonding experience for all of us!

Click on the photographs above for details of my actual home brewing process and continue reading to review my very basic home brewing system wooden cabinet!

I struggled to negotiate some home brewing space for my setup inside the house, and my wife argued that I had already monopolized much of the home’s interior with various projects. She appreciated those projects and their successes, but she was right. So I took a hard look at the garage which I had cleaned up just over one year ago, and noticed that one corner was not being used efficiently. I then moved the work desk that occupied the space into the bedroom and began using it as a word desk in the bedroom (another example of me taking over the space), and set to build my home brewing system knowing I’d clean up the space afterwards.

I measured to the height to the window and decided on three shelves with a fourth top shelf ending just under the bottom of the window. I ordered a 4 x 8’ cheap particle board and had them cut it into four pieces of 2 feet by four feet which would become the shelves. I ordered five eight foot 2” x 4” studs and cut them up 24”, 30”, 15” which would indicate the height of the shelves with 27” left over from each for a separate project. The 30” would comfortably fit a six gallon glass carboy with enough room for the air lock. The top shelf would house beer recipe kits and smaller supplies, and the bottom shelf would house empty or conditioning bottles, the wort chiller, the brewkettle, and some other fine champagne and spirits that I brought up from the cellar.

After putting the cabinet together, I stapled some thick translucent plastic paint guard covers throughout to keep the bugs out, keep infection out, and add a layer of darkness – though I’m sure I need to come up with a better protection for light when I brew the first batch.

My basic home brewing system

My Homebrewing Supplies Essentials List

32 quart 8 gallon stainless steel brew kettle
Superior Home Brew Beer Kit Homebrewing Kit
White House Honey Ale Ingredients
Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller

The end result was a very basic home brewing system setup for the anticipated arrival of my home brewing supplies, which were expected to arrive just before Father’s Day and in time for an amazing homebrewing experience. For the event, I decided to film the process and have all the kids invited – even my wife said she would pop in and check out the process and try to appreciate it as a chef and appreciator of fine food and life!