Grimbergen Blond Ale-Alken-Maes Brouwerijen

Grimbergen Blond Ale – Alken-Maes Brouwerijen

66 Blade Chainsaw

Grimbergen Blond Ale is an authentic Belgian Golden Abbey Ale brewed by the Alken-Maes Brouwerigen located in Alken and Waarloos, Belgium. It is bottle re-fermented and it’s profile showcases a very true Abbey formula and highlights the signature Belgian Yeast as well as the Saaz Hop for an alcohol content of 6.7% ABV .

Grimbergen Blond Ale - Alken-Maes Brouwerijen

This Abbey Ale comes out of the Alken-Maes brewery, which is a merger of two breweries in 1988, taking advantage of Maes’ earlier Union brewery purchase in 1978 which had produced Grimbergen Blond Ale.

After some Dutch translation on the breweries website, I love that their translateddescription describes Grimbergen for the, “hedonistic who strives for pure indulgence!” That statement has this philosopher’s intent written all over it!

Onto The Method

7.5/10 – The Classic

Grimbergen Blond Ale - Alken-Maes Brouwerijen1.5 – Appearance – A true Golden Blond with big and fluffy off-white head and nice sparkling carbonation forming mild and loose lacing.

1.5 – Aroma – Sharp hop zings join buzzing and vibrating fruit tones over a thin and subtle malt disposition.

1.5 – Taste – A familiar signature Abbey yeast sharply attacks the tongue with its sharp and bubbly fruit essence, while the hop and malt composition creates an attractive compliment.

1.5 – Palate – The sharp and punchy bubbles form the rough edge over the smooth body to make for an exhilarating drinking experience.

1.5 – Overall – Belgian Abbey’s are known for having a fruity sharp edge, but this one takes those qualities and delivers them over a well complimented malt and hop foundation.

6.5/10 Blades – The Hammer – the booze –The hammerstarts off at a strong 6.7%, but the overall beer is a bit rough to get down too smoothly, making it longer for this aspect to assert its presence.

8.0/10 Blades – The Knifedigestibility –There’s nothing getting in the way of processing this liquid gold, and the sharp bubbles and fruit serrated edges stream down the system with unrelenting energy.

4.0/10 Blades – The Spider – the lift – It takes a while for an appreciable effect to take place, and the fourth serve greets me with little effect. Upon conclusion, I keep the remaining two bottles for future exploration.

5.0/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – Grimbergen drinks pretty well and lasts long, but since little effects are felt after the fourth, this motor gives up and the remaining bottles are put away for another evening’s adventure.

The Chainsaw

35.0/50 Blades – The Buzz – Grimbergen Blond Ale is a crunchy and zesty Abbey Ale with good intent and decent potential. Its nice flavors and aromatic qualities make it an interesting and exciting experience. It’s buzz is ultimately challenged by the same qualities that make it good to drink – those sharp characters that make it rough to drink down.

But it gets some good Chainsaw blades because I followed another excellent Belgian Ale with this beer because I wanted to save a fine bottle for aging and future appreciation. It so often happens that when I drink exceptional beer and it runs out, I hate drinking leftover samples that ruin the initial experience.

But Grimbergen was a good follow up to that great beer. And since both shared similar characters and that signature Belgian yeast, it provided a linear continuance that allowed the good flavors to go on. Likewise, the effects of the first brew had already kicked in, and the alcohol in this brew finally asserted itself while enjoying the final two beers overlooking my land during the approaching dusk of a rainy night!

Grimbergen Blond Ale - Alken-Maes Brouwerijen