Brooklyn Local 2

Brooklyn Local 2

80 Blade Chainsaw

Brooklyn Local 2 is another fine creation and 2009 release from Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York commemorating their second decade in existence. It is again 100% bottle reconditioned, but this Belgian inspired beer emulates a Strong Dark Ale. Local 2 is constructed of German Pilsner and English Chocolate Malts, Aurora and East Kent Golding Hops, Belgian Dark Sugar and New York family farm made raw wildflower honey for a strong 8.2% ABV.

Brooklyn Brewery Local 2

Also like the Local 1, I picked up a bottle of Brooklyn Local 2 during a tour of the brewery over the summer and adding a couple of extra bottles to my collection over the next couple of months.

After an additional two months of cold bottle conditioning, we sat down for another quiet evening at home after the kids went to sleep. This time though, we didn’t fight our parenting exhaustion and instead watched a movie and some DVRed TV under a blanket on the living room sofa. Sadly, I hate to admit that we paired this fine brew with Chinese take out sesame seed chicken and California rolls.

Onto The Method

2.0 – Appearance – After a rebellious cork pop, Local 2 pours a deep and dark chocolate mahogany with a solid tan head composed of monstrous bubbled Brooklyn Brewery Local 2carbonation. Rich and artful lacing melt on the sides of a sniffer glass.

2.0 – Aroma – A robust compilation of fragrances fill the air including strong sugar and sweet honey, chocolate and caramel scents along with a familiar but just off Belgian yeast signature.

1.5 – Taste – While not as good in flavor as the Local 1, this was again amazing and easier to drink. The flavor held together well with the changing in temperature and showcased a spicy Belgian yeast punch, rich caramel and sugar notes along with dark chocolate bites and a unique hop selection.

1.5 – Palate – A punchy and spicy body scrapes the tongue and top of the throat in a welcoming way as expanding carbonation fills the soul.

2.0 – Overall – Brooklyn Local 2 is an excellent strong dark ale that classed up the joint. It looks and smells beautiful and showcased interesting hop profiles over a chocolate, sugar and honey sweetness over a rich malt base with that welcoming Belgian yeast vibe.

9.0/10 Blades – The Hammer – the booze – The 8.2% ABV is strong under any circumstance and is no different in tonight’s occasion, but does take a little time to take effect.

6.0/10 Blades – The Knife –digestibility – The full list of ingredients along with a high sugary composition slow down the process and dull the blade some. I had a few glasses before commencing my meal to give Local 2 an opportunity to present its flavor profile and giving it a good chance, so the meal didn’t interfere with this opinion. Instead, the weight of its composition sat on my system briefly before delivering its purpose.

8.0/10 Blades – The Spider – the lift – A smooth vibe enters the soul after a couple of glasses. Warmth and comfort take control to compliment the evening’s mood and spirit.

8.0/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – The first bottle went down smooth and the second continued comfortably for the remainder of the evening. The night’s pace was slow and welcoming, and we continued in the bedroom watching a pre-recorded VH1 reality show – Real Chance of Love 2 as we continued the second bottle. Instead of opening a third, we concluded the night under the covers before passing out, leaving me with a nice bottle to add to my private collection.

The Chainsaw

40.0/50 Blades – The Buzz – Brooklyn Local 2 is another excellent quality Belgian inspired strong dark ale from Brooklyn Brewery. This brewery continues to make their best beers right at their Williamsburg location in Brooklyn, New York.

The list of ingredients in Brooklyn Local 2 is interesting, inspirational and impressive, from the hop selections to the wildflower honey from a local farm. As a whole, the list creates an outstanding beer that is classy, robust, flavorful and charismatic.

The same list of ingredients weigh down some of the processing in the system, but doesn’t reach an uncomfortable level. What it does is force you to pace yourself between and during serves, making the drink behave like cognac while never losing its beer persona.

The lift enters the soul with a smooth and welcoming vibe that lowers the pace to a comfortable, relaxed level, allowing for a restful and chill evening with the lady of the night.