Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn Local 1 from the Brooklyn Brewery

91 Blade Chainsaw

Brooklyn Local 1 is a masterpiece created by the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York. It is 100% bottle conditioned, which means it is poured into the German made bottles completely flat and allowed to re-ferment in the bottle for a champagne-like carbonation and body.

Brooklyn Local 1

Local 1 is a Belgian inspired Strong Golden Ale made with Two Row Pilsner and Bamberg Malt from Germany, spiced with German Hallertaur Perle and Styrian Golding Hops and additionally fermented with Demerara Cane Sugar from Mauritius for an Original Gravity of 18.5 degree Plato and a kickass alcohol content of 9% ABV.

After I picked up the Brooklyn Local 1 and Local 2 bottles from my recent tour of the Brooklyn Brewery, I took them on a two hour ride back home to the Poconos where I let them continue their bottle conditioning along with my private reserves, picking up an additional 2 bottles of each at a New Jersey liquor store to rate the buzz.

About six weeks later, I felt it was time to open up the Brooklyn Local 1. The anticipation had been building up, and the brewery’s suggestions included spicy Thai food. So on a warm summer evening I planned a date at home with my wife, picked up some spicy Thai at a local restaurant, some exotic flowers, put the kids to bed as early as I could, threw on some kick-back music as Bernadette hooked up a dinner lounge area in the living room.

As we fought through the exhaustion of parenting, we sat down for dinner and drinks at the strike of midnight, laughed at the madness that is us, enjoyed desert and coffee, then continued our session with more delicious Brooklyn Local 1, some margaritas, and topped off the night with the most amazing sex we’ve had all year!

Onto The Method

9.0/10 – The Classic

2.0 – Appearance – Pours a hazy soft white gold with lively carbonation forming a fluffy just off-white head that’s about a good three fingers high and lasts well into the first half of the serve, leaving interesting lacing that ultimately forms a crystalline layer over the warming fluid, which is nice to circle and swish.

2.0 – Aroma – A spicy, bready and fresh scent fills the nose topped off by a delightfully zesty Belgian yeast signature that smells clean and home made. The sparkling scents shine over a dry and sturdy malt base. As the beer warms during the serve, alcohol esters evaporate into the air filling the senses with the warmth of its strength.

1.5 – Taste – As the first sip entered the mouth, I felt a brief sense of regret. The powerful hop zing confused my expectations and provided a momentary dislike. As the savoring continued, more and more layers of complex tastes unfolded which included a smaller and more subtle hop bite, some pleasant sweetness, the dry backbone of the malted barley and the power of the alcohol. Bernadette’s salmon dish proved fresh and highly successful though not spicy while my seafood platter appeared boiled and thrown together. The spiciness was medium at best and the shrimp was rapidly aging, but the nicely strong alcoholic punch cut through the flavors which I once hoped to be complimentary.

Brooklyn Local 1

1.5 – Palate – There are two ways to experience the body, and they happen quickly during the same serve. At the start, the cool serve forms lively carbonation reminiscent of bubbly champagne and feels dry, cool and rather beautiful. As the body warms, it changes its dynamic drastically. The scent develops a stronger alcohol character which is a pure pleasure to sniff, and swirling the crystalline layer adds charm to its presentation, but the change in temperature challenges the beer’s drinkability and flavor.

2.0 – Overall –Brooklyn Local 1 is a masterpiece created with love, dedication and artistry. This is a beer that behaves similar to a champagne in style and class while maintaining its masculine beer persona along with a higher than average alcohol potency. It is both attractive and aromatic, and possesses an intense complexity in its character. Presentation and aroma become more interesting as the beer warms, but challenges its body and flavor. When cool, the beer tastes amazing, when warm it looks and smells great but we poured out some of the remaining brew at the bottom of the glass. The solution for the night was to serve smaller amounts while alternating the bottles from freezer to fridge – this complicated practice highly improved the session and experience.

9.0/10 Blades – The Hammer – the booze – Packed with a potent ABV of 9%, the hammers slams down strong from the beginning, and a little respect and measurable pacing helps keep this dominating tool within reason.

9.0/10 Blades – The Knife – digestibility – With the disposition of a bubbly champagne and high alcoholic strength, the knife cuts right through an otherwise big beer composition, Thai food including jasmine rice and the body’s own digestive tract. This beer may be complex but is light and easy to process.

9.0/10 Blades – The Spider – the lift – A smooth rising vibe that warms and mellows at first, then kicks into party mode and celebration as the night continues. A warmth in the face sets the stage for a tingly body sensation followed by some giddiness and pleasant hysteria.

10/10 Blades – The Motor –can you handle it? – Bottle after bottle of Brooklyn Local 1 were consumed during the meal and pleasant private festivities. After the second bottle we were enjoying our company and passion in the master bedroom. As I continued my evening solo in the gazebo enjoying the smooth sway of mountain winds, I decided to hold on to my remaining bottle to continue its aging in my privatereserves, and continued my session with a genuine Belgian strong blond ale which wasn’t as good but did the job.

The Chainsaw

45.0/50 Blades – The Buzz – Brooklyn Local 1 is a brilliant beer created by the Brooklyn Brewery with real love and artistry. If you really want a good representation of what these guys can do, skip the liquor store and buy their brand directly from the brewery or make sure that the bottles you buy anywhere specify brewing at the Brooklyn location. The NYC tap water may help their brews, but it is the real love and sincere labor they give to their creations at the Brooklyn location.

As for Brooklyn Local 1 – this Belgian inspired strong ale has taken the classic approach and magnified the style to imminence and perfection. The bottle re-fermentation truly gives the body a unique champagne essence while feeling powerfully like a big and complex beer. It is beautiful to look at and flavor, while providing uplifting feelings of festivity, laughter and romance.

Body sensations and hilarity highlight the buzz, and the perfect temperature brings out the best of this brew’s potential. Try this with a date and see for yourself; it is a beer any lady might appreciate while being manly enough for a dude to pound without either party being dominated by its strength.

Brooklyn Local 1