by Cabellita
(Pembroke Pines, FL)

Belzebuth – 13 is the Magic Number

 The first time i tried Belzebuth was here in Hollywood, at this bar called PRL.
Belzebuth - 13 is the Magic Number
PRL has a wide variety of beer from all over the world, and this beer stood out the most, maybe it was the big 13 on the label, or the photo of Beelzebub on it lol .. This beer is not your usual beer, with 13 % alcohol , you don’t need much… lol
The bottle is small and they come in a four pack. This pale ale has a sweet taste to it too; I am a fan of sweet tasting beer.However be careful knocking these bad boys back, it will sneak up on you … edit: 3% ABV!?! Cabellita, you’ve got cojones! Thanks for contributing Belzebuth as the first visitor reviewed beer on!  Belzebuth comes in a pack of three 8.4 ounce bottles and is an all malt top fermented and filtered ale with a Belgian style yeast, built with three different malts including Pale, Vienna and Amber malts and spiced with a complex combination of Hallertau, Brewers Gold, Aromatic and Styrian hops for a mind-blowing alcohol content of 13% ABV ! Belzebuth is a Belgian inspired Strong Pale Ale from Brasserie Grain D’Orge in Ronchin Lille, France.