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Over the years I have tried many fine brews and compiled a nice list of best beers. Many I continue to enjoy while, at the time of this writing, at least two have been discontinued. I now have a little collection of some of those discontinued beers along with a growing list of fine brews in my personal collection.

In addition to finding some of the world’s best beers, this journey has led me to start brewing my own, and the experience has rewarded me with many fantastic original home brews. The labor is intensive, the wait for each recipe can be from six to eight weeks, and the monetary savings are little to none. But the rewards are worth it.

This wonderful conundrum brings me to the request of your beer reviews and ratings. In this section, I invite you to complete the form below and Best Beers for the Best Buzzcontribute whichever beers you love, hate, admire, worship or despise, and use any beer rating system you find appropriate to communicate your innermostpersonal feelings!

Most importantly, have fun with it! This website can at times be too serious while all too often be lax and inappropriate, so whichever mood you’re in, feel free to express it in your descriptions. I assure you you’ll fit right in!

But to get you started, let’s take a look at some of the basic beer rating techniques:

  • – Appearance: here you take a look at the beer’s visual appeal including it’s color, the texture and fluffiness of its foam and the way it webs down the glass as you drink it, it’s lively or flat carbonation and it’s transparency or translucency.
  • – Aroma:Great beers will display bouquets of floral, biscuity, nutty and sweet characteristics. Highly hopped beers will demonstrate their citrus and pine aromas while certain yeast strains will display peppery or fruity esters. And don’t forget to point out the alcohol vapors that stream into the senses. Look for skunk odors in poorly aged or long traveled beers.
  • – Taste:My favorite criteria, this important sensory experience allows you to feel the beer’s flavors, bitterness, sweetness, burnt or biscuit characters from the malts as well as defining traits from yeast strains. Enjoy this experience.
  • – Mouthfeel: Allow the beer to sit in your palate, feel its silkiness, or whether its moist and supple or dry. Notice its carbonation, heaviness or lightness, comment on the texture of its body.
  • – Overall: Note as all the senses explore and bring together the finalexperience.

Use this general guideline as a starting point and just let your creativity guide or add to your beer review. Now rev up, chew live snakes, drink some beer and marauder the night!

Other Favorite Beers

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Flying Fish ESB Amber Ale
For those who have read my other reviews here you’ll know I like my ambers … That being said this amber holds a special place on my heart because it ……

Uinta brewing PUNK’N harvest pumpkin ale
Tis the season for the pumpkins to arrive. I normally have one favorite in this market, I’ll wait for it to arrive to cover it as for this selection I ……

yards philly pale ale
A very sweat but hoppy American pale ale comes in around 5% so you can enjoy them all night long GREAT BEER!!!! Brewed in philly

The first time i tried Belzebuth was here in Hollywood, at this bar called PRL.

PRL has a wide variety of beer from all over the world, and this beer ……

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
I love all Samuel Adams but when I first tried Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat I was in the Bronx.

I saw Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat at the local deli and I ……

elephant malt / carlsberg
having lived in india and suffering through the asian beers to the point of not drinking beer here at all….. on a recent return to the us i was looking ……

Southern Tier Old Man Winter Ale
Once a year I dabble in the high alcohol but seasonal tasty winter ales. This year’s selection is from my new favorite brewery Southern Tier. Southern ……

Hop City Barking Squirrel Lager
Okay okay another amber based beer, sorry I just can’t help it. Today’s trip to Joe Canal’s had me venturing, and the label Hop City Barking Squirrel ……

Rock Art Brewery American Red Ale
Found this brew today and was curious being red/amber ale fan I decided to check it out. Reds and ambers are usually on the sweeter side of taste spectrum. ……

Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan Pale Lager
Ok I normally don’t drink heavy alcoholic beers, but come on its Southern Tier. I read the label and pondered about it its a 9% brew that calls itself ……

Southern Tier Imperial Pumking
Okay I haven’t submitted much lately to this forum because I can only try so many beers, but the time has come that I wait for all year! Southern Tier ……

SlyFox Oktoberfest lager
Every year I wait for the seasonal October beers to arrive. Every year there is a new entry I find tasty but none ever compare to this brew, I have my ……

Rogue Captain Sig’s Northwerstern Ale
Raise a fist and cheer Rogue! Found the brew today at Joe Canals in NJ for 6 bucks I had to try it. It’s starts sweet and finishes like a smooth bitter. ……

innis&gunn original
Found this today at a local Uno’s of all places. It’s an amber Scottish ale almost has a malt taste to it but the after taste is amazing with the vanilla ……

Cricket Hill Brewing Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale
Been wanting to try this brew but didn’t want to spend 40 on a case, but got lucky and found a six pack today. It’s a sweet Belgian style American adaptation, ……

southern tier phin and matt’s extraordinary ale
I found this beer few months back and was blown away by it. It’s sweet and drinkable I like it warm at room temperature but its good chilled also. It’s ……

Rogue American Amber Ale
For those on the east coast this beer can be a bit pricey, but well worth it . At first it starts sweet and finishes hoppy. The abv is over 6% I think, ……

Victory Lager
This beer has no peers in the lager market. It has a sweet and smooth finish and no bitter after taste. It has an alcohol content under 5% abv so one ……