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White House Honey Ale Recipe

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Welcome to the free homebrewing beer recipes portion of my website. When I started building this website several years ago, I was a huge appreciator of great beer, but the process of brewing was entirely foreign to me.

I was intrigued by the level of skill that many microbreweries possessed while likewise being perplexed at the many beers that were of unusually poor quality.

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White House Honey Ale Ingredients
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As I wrote many of my reviews I began observing some commonalities between great beers; the better the beer recipes, the better the quality of ingredients and the higher level of passion and dedication all equated to brilliantly executed and masterfully delicious brews. It also demonstrated that some of the less enjoyable recipes included adjuncts that were disagreeable to the palate, mainly corn and to a lesser extent rice.

I’m not at all against using adjuncts in beer recipessince I use many myself. Just this year alone I’veadded pumpkin to a pumpkin ale, raw organic honey for the White House Honey Ale, use raw Demerara cane sugar regularly for priming and sometimes flavoring, and have even experimented with more exotic ingredients such as organic Gotu Kola and an organic Brazilian native Guarana seed.

It was the quest for better quality ingredients and execution that inspired me to become a home brewer. And now that I have dozens of home brewing recipes under my belt, I can now share with you some of my processes and recipes.

To keep things simple, this section deals with my current level of homebrewing experience. In the past I started things off with a great little Mr. Beer kit, and have since moved on to brewing five gallon batches of partial mash recipes involving mainly dry malt extracts (DME) and some liquid malt extracts (LME). So here we highlight and celebrate DME recipes, LME recipes and partial mash recipes, and any combination thereof.

As I mature my skills and commitment, I hope to elevate my process to all-grain brewing and further enhance the quality of my homebrewing recipes. In the meantime, please gather ideas, recipes, instructions or general inspiration to guide you through your homebrewing adventures.

I brewed this Centennial IPA with FIVE Ounces of the Hop that was born in Washington State during the same year of my birth – 1974! This Super Cascade’s versatility is expressed by its bittering capacity and its aromatic qualities!








The White House Honey Ale: Released to the public in September of 2012, I ordered to ingredients to this beer recipe on Election day and paid an American celebratory respect to the President’s re-election by brewing an interpretation of one of currently four White House homebrewing recipes.

As a member of a greater society of homebrewers, I share these free homebrewing recipes to expand our collective knowledge database and provide homebrewing recipes that range from simple and expected to more elaborate, risque formulas verging on the edge of chaos and insult.

And if you have your personal homebrewing recipes you’d like to share, please feel free to complete the form below and add your knowledge to our greater homebrewing collective.