American Lager

American Lager reviews covering all U.S. brewed lager beers

I sometimes can’t help but think of Budweiser when I think about American lager.How ballsy is it for a low alcohol pale lager to rise up over the world and claim itself to be the King of Beers? Not only did it claim itself to be King, but it succeeded in the domination of the American beer market since its introduction in 1876 and continues to rule the marketplace over 133 years later. How American is that?!

American Lager

Samuel Adams Octoberfest Samuel Adams Octoberfest – 67 Blade Chainsaw

Coney Island Freaktoberfest Coney Island Freaktoberfest – 70 Blade Chainsaw

Angler Black Lager Barley Creek Angler Black Lager – 66 Blade Chainsaw

Sierra Nevada Summerfest Sierra Nevada Summerfest – 58 Blade Chainsaw

 Troegenator Double Bock – 45 Blade Chainsaw

Red Tail Lager Red Tail Lager – 63 Blade Chainsaw

Samuel Adams Boston Lager Samuel Adams Boston Lager – 63 Blade Chainsaw

Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager – 90 Blade Chainsaw

Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning – 90 Blade Chainsaw

Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Lager – 69 Blade Chainsaw

Victory Lager Victory Lager – 61 Blade Chainsaw

fishermans brew Fisherman’s Brew American Amber Lager – 62 Blade Chainsaw

Many beer geeks have a powerful disrespect for the King, and I even find myself referring to it as “the perfect Zero” when I need sensual recalibration after too many craft brews. But Budweiser holds a special place in my heart. It was my first beer, my first buzz, it gave me the courage to ask out my ninth grade English teacher (which resulted in an overpowering and embarrassing public rejection) and my first – getting caught by your parents – drink.

Additionally, Bud Lite became a weekend staple later in adulthood and I could down bottles of those bad boys a case at a time while smoking up to thirty cigarettes and drunk dialing my poor friends and relatives between Midnight and 2:00 a.m.

American Lager beers are much more than the quintessential sports-oriented amber brew. Brewers from all across the United States, large and small, have taken to brewing globally inspired Bocks, Dunkel, Doppelbocks, Pilsners, Pale lagers, Vienna styles and Schwarz beers.

They are listed in this portion of the site primarily because they are American made, and because I support the American brewmaster. Perhaps it is my Participation trophy to the U.S. After all, the Belgian company InBev’s takeover of Anheuser-Busch and the Budweiser brand is an indication that the beer world is a global dominion.