Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers Day Gifts Wish List for The Aspiring Homewbrewing Dad

Fathers Day gifts are very often heartfealt and warm, especially when they’re beautiful homemade gifts from our talented children. But sometimes we need gifts that exemplify and celebrate the challenges of Fatherhood in a more adult and substantial way.

About three years ago when I started this site I put together a little wish list and decided on what the family would get me as Fathers day gifts. The secret ingredient however, was paying for it myself! I’ve already written extensively about my positive experience with my Mr. Beer kit, and it made some nice beer for a novice homebrewer like myself, as well as a great gift to myself!

Since then however, I took a long break and decided not to spend any money on fathers day gifts until I started earning some online income. So over the past several months I started saving up in anticipation of this year’s fathers day gifts while looking into setting up a more advanced homebrewing setup. The Amazon list below showcases exactly what I have on my fathers day gifts wish list for this years Fathers day gifts. I’m probably not going to get all of them, but I will start off with the basics.

The Big Three Homebrewing Essentials

Now that I managed to pull in some online earnings, I can finally start fulfilling my dreams of starting a homebrewing setup without my wife getting angry about spending money! In addition, I thought carefully about the money I was spending on cases of beer and wanted to bring the costs down significantly. From the initial math, I can bring my costs down at least 50% per case if buying good quality IPA cases, and even more if I graduate to an all grain brewing setup. Plus, since most of the income I get comes to me electronically, it’s far more convenient to order supplies online saving on the local taxes and gasoline. Unfortunately, much of those savings are used up on shipping costs – but I’ll work that out and pass along the information.

My first consideration was the brew kettle. I needed an economy brew kettle that was of excellent quality, was at least eight gallons, or 32 Quarts to avoid having to buy up early on, was stainless steel and had a valve and a thermometer.I planned on buying the bazooka screen strainer separately, but luckily I found the 32 Quart Economy Stainless Kettle with the Bazooka Screen included. I like that it’s polished stainless steel for a good price and includes the screen. It’s 18 gauge steel like Polarware and even holds 2 more quarts! The only thing that might concern me is that it needs to be assembled, and comes with a weld-less kit for the stainless steel thermometer and some high temperature silicon for the .5 inch compact ball valve. I’m definitely ordering this one as one of my fathers day gifts, so stay posted for my full review when it arrives, or get one yourself and let me know how it worked out – the price is difficult to beat!

The brew kettle was easy enough, so I moved on to the next logical step and researched the wort chiller selection. I really wanted to get the 50 foot stainless steel wort chiller for its super efficiency and reduced time, but the budget was not flexible enough to include everything I wanted. So I compromised and went for the Super Efficient 3/8″ x 25′ Stainless Steel Wort Chiller. It’s basically exactly what I wanted just half the size and much, much cheaper! The great thing about stainless steel is that it is a much stronger structure, easier to disinfect and can be adjusted easier. This one comes with 12 feet of vinyl tubing and the brass hose adapter. I’m going to be using this directly with my garden hose in front of the garage, so if you plan on working with your kitchen sink, like all other wort chillers, you’ll have to go to the hardware store and pick up an adapter (not online, you’re betting 50/50 that you’ll get the right size).

Superior Home Brew Beer KitNext was the toughest consideration of them all – getting the right homebrewing kit. I asked around, read lots of blogs, talked to my homebrewing buddies and did lots more shopping online before settling on the Superior Home Brew Beer Kit. I found this after a couple of days, but put it aside and kept researching and shopping, and adding to my cart while looking through others. In fact it took me months to finally close in on this one and call it the one. The two main factors that were keeping me back were the price and the shipping costs. Both, unfortunately, were justifiable. Every other homebrewing kit had similar and comparative shipping costs, and I kept coming back to the Superior Home Brew Beer Kit because it had a lot of what I wanted. Immediately, the size of the fermenting bucket was 7.8 gallons with and came with an auto siphon – since I definitely didn’t want to do any sucking on my siphoning setup. The six gallon glass carboy is perfect for the primary fermentation, and the five gallon helps clear up the brew during the secondary fermentation. The list continues with three hop socks, one large nylon mesh bag, a food grade alcohol filled thermometer, a fermentation thermometer, a drilled rubber stopper and plastic airlock set, a racking cane with solids reduction tip, hose clamp, vinyl tubing, a carboy brush, triple scale hydrometer, a bottle capper with magnet, 144 bottle caps, bottling filler, cleanser, handbook and bottle brush. This is definitely the homebrewing kit to not only get started with homebrewing, but to get started with homebrewing right!

The Beer Recipe Kits

After finally working out the basic homebrewing setup, I needed to decide which homebrewing recipe kit I was going to start off with. At this point, I haven’t ordered them yet as part of my fathers day gifts, but I have to order at least one with the setup to get started right away! I knew I wanted to go extreme and do one black and one white, so I chose a black IPA to start things off along with an American Wheat – and for the American Wheat, I wanted to hop the bastard up with lots of Amarillo leaf hops!

If I’m going to get one homebrew beer recipe kit from my fathers day gifts list, it’s going to be the CASCADIAN (BLACK IPA) INDIA PALE ALE Home Brew Beer Recipe Ingredient Kit! I want my first homebrewing recipe to be bold and rewarding. And since the Black IPA movement hasn’t taken strong hold yet, I thought I might be part of the trailblazing pack to get things rolling. This kit includes enough high quality fresh ingredients for a 5 gallon batch including specialty grains with steeping bag, malt extract, hop additions and dry yeast. I’m unhappy that I’m “in the Dark” with regards to the alcohol content, malt composition, hop profile or even the yeast, but I’m taking a chance given the rarity of the style. Wish me luck on this one, I’m definitely going to follow up on a thorough review and am hoping that the “FRESH ingredients” statement holds true. UPDATE – I did brew this one, on Father’s Day, and it was amazing!!

If I can make it stretch and add another homebrewing beer recipe kit for this order of fathers day gifts, I’m going to go with the RiteBrew American Wheat 5 Gallon Beer Kit, except that I’m also going to hop it up with a generous amount of Amarillo Leaf Hops. I fully enjoyed the style of the Hoppy American Wheat beer Flying Fish Exit 11, and while I know this kit won’t come close, I’d like to give it a shot. I again am going on little detail on ingredients and composition, but see the disappointingly low 4.1% abv, which is kind of making me rethink my option. What I do like is the comparatively low price, along with the generous free shipping. For now, it stays on the list.

If I decide that 4.1% is too low, and I have to be honest with myself, it’s brutally light, I might have to consider strength and happiness over my original ideal. In light of that insight, I could go for the STONE COLD INDIA PALE ALE Home Brew Beer Recipe Ingredient Kit IPA, a take on Stone IPA which promises a higher (yet undefined) alcohol content. At least this kit promises FRESH ingredients for a five gallon batch, and lists the hop composition as Zeus, Chinook and Centennial hops with an additional Dry Hop for the secondary fermentation. I do love that Stone IPA – and I’d love it if there were a kit for Stoner Ruination IPA!
Still, a solid choice that would merge my price ideals and free shipping with a decent beer and an alcohol content of 5.7% abv is the RiteBrew Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone 5 Gallon Beer Kit. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is another fine brew on my Best Beers list, and this homebrewing recipe beer kit nicely details the one pound of Caramel Malt, 6.6 pounds of Gold Liquid Malt Extract, one pound of Light DME, half an ounce of Magnum bittering hops, half an ounce of Perle hops, three ounces of Cascade aroma hops and US-05 dry yeast. I love Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and this clone kit already has a good review, and my wife likes it too, so this could be another good one, if not now then definitely down the road!

The Essentials

I hated to have to spend extra money on these, but you can’t start your brewing process without Iodophor Sanitizer for Brewing. It’s an extra few bucks but you can get this one with free shipping.

I also needed a 5 and 6 Gallon Carboy Handle to lift and carry the glass carboys full of beer. A homebrewing buddy of mine has these and it’s almost inconceivable to move full carboys without these.

Then I wanted some 3 Piece Plastic Airlocks and matching Drilled Rubber Stoppers since I wanted to keep the brewing process in a continuous flow. I hate that you have to get these separately, but I can live with it for now.

Some Final Fathers Day Gifts Wish List

Finally, I have some things on my wish list that I can hold off until later but would really like.


It would be nice to have a 45 Bottle Drying Tree to dry my empty beer bottles as I get them ready for filling. It’s not entirely necessary, and ugly as can be, but it would make things a little simpler, and since it’s pretty cheap compared to other brewing supplies, it’s easy to add to this fathers day gifts list.


The Faucet Jet Carboyand Beer Bottle Washer is also not entirely necessary, but it would make washing the bottles and carboys a bit simpler. Again, I’m going to be using this outside of my garage on the garden faucet, so if you’re planning to use the kitchen sink, go to the hardware store to be sure you’re buying the properly sized attachment.


And finally, I’ll conclude the fathers day gifts list with the Paklab Glass 11.3 Liter, 3 Gallon Carboy. I want to get an extra carboy to experiment with partial homebrewed batches. Three gallons should be more than enough, but I’m hoping to do some interesting things with exotic herbals. For my first, I’m thinking of trying dry hopping with ephedra sinica, an almost outlawed herb that stimulates the central nervous system and peps up the mood and spirit for hours while burning calories – this should be an interesting mix with a good homebrewed beer!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fathers day gifts ideas list. If you’re a Dad, feel free to get yourself started with homebrewing inspired by this fathers day gifts list. Beer is an amazing drink that I have enjoyed for decades. If you’re looking for a great gift for an aspiring homebrewing dad, any of the top three choices would get him well along his homebrewing journey and into the rewarding elixir brewed by the ancient ones and worshipers of the night!